Thank you for your interest in opening a wholesale account with us. we offer wholesale opportunities world wide. our products are made in the USA and China. all items come with warranty against rust, corrosion, and manufacturer's defect. this concept will work in any setting, free standing store, mall in-line stores, websites, trade shows, craft shows, kiosks, RMU's, push carts, carnivals, and any type of retail outlet.

a wholesale account includes:
-training (via phone, documents, and even webcam if you need)
-display techniques, templates, sketches, and information
-same day shipping (if order is placed before 3 pm eastern time)
-2 year warranty against rust, corrosion, manufacturer's defect
-accessories for the spinners

here are the products we offer:

-6" standard spinners
-12" standard spinners
-18" standard spinners
-12" specialty spinners
-18" specialty spinners
-11" Spiral Tails
-battery operated motors
-15" display hooks

for more information, please contact:

Wholesale Department
Tel: 954-678-6708
Fax: 954-208-0765

Wholesale :